Logitech launches a Streamlabs plugin for Loupedeck consoles

Logitech is bringing together two acquisitions over the past few years in its quest to provide live streamers the tools they need: The company has just launched a Streamlabs desktop plugin for Loupedeck consoles. If you’ll recall, the company purchased Streamlabs — a popular livestreaming software that offers a robust set of tools for broadcasting on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook — back in 2019. And in July this year, it acquired Loupedeck, which makes video streaming consoles that rival Elgato’s Stream Deck.

The Streamlabs Desktop Plugin 1.0 turns the Loupedeck Live and Live S devices into external controllers for the streaming software. Creators can use the consoles’ dials to control audio more precisely, and they can activate Streamlabs’ desktop commands and view the status of their livestream straight from their Loupedeck device. They can also set up scenes, sources, audio sources and scene collections in Loupedeck’s software, effectively freeing up more space on their monitor, which could instead be used for views of other things, such as their gameplay or chat. Logitech says the new plugin is rolling out with software update 5.8 today and will come preinstalled on all new Loupedeck devices.

“When we acquired Loupedeck earlier this year, we had a goal of providing a more seamless experience for Streamlabs creators from onboarding to everyday use with presets available out of the box for Loupedeck devices,” Ujesh Desai, Logitech G’s general manager said in a statement. “This 1.0 release is our first offering, which accelerates our goal to bring an ecosystem of hardware and software to creators everywhere, enabling them to focus on doing what they do best, which is make amazing content.”

It’s worth noting that Streamlabs and Loupedeck aren’t the only companies Logitech purchased over the past few years as part of its efforts to go all in on streaming. It also purchased Blue Microphones in 2018, and it announced a few months ago that it’s going to start selling Blue’s Yeti mics under the Logitech G branding going forward.

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