Archer to End With Three-Episode Series Finale in December

Image: FX

Since 2009, Archer has been a reliable (sometimes award-winning) staple of adult animation and FX’s larger TV lineup. Having gone through multiple reinventions and status quo changes, it’s almost hard to imagine the show actually ending—which it did just a few days ago.

Only…not really. During the show’s New York Comic-Con panel on Friday, FX revealed that the show will get one last hurrah in the form of Archer: Into the Cold, which will be the show’s for real finale. Things will pick up right where things left off at the very end of season 14: the United Nations declared that all private espionage agencies illegal, including the Agency that Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), Lana (Aisha Tyler), and their group have been working for since season 11. While it’s not the first time the Archer gang’s been made unemployed—it’s happened a lot throughout the show’s 14-season run—this is one firing they don’t intend to take lying down.

Into the Cold will run across three episodes into what’s being called a “finale event.” Multi-parters have been in the show’s DNA for a long time, so it’s only fitting that it gets to go out on its own terms with a trio. At time of writing, it’s unclear if creator Adam Reed will have any creative involvement in these episodes; he wrote nearly every episode for the first 10 seasons (either on his own or with other writers) before departing the show in a showrunner capacity, while continuing to voice Ray Gillette.

Archer: Into the Cold will air December 17 on FX and FXX (where it’s been since 2017), before moving to Hulu the following day. Let us know what you’ve thought of the show and its long tenure in the comments below.

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