SAG-AFTRA & AMPTP to Start Negotiating Again on Tuesday


Yesterday, October 21 marked the 100th day of the SAG-AFTRA strike. As a way of commemorating the occasion, the actors union affirmed that it would continue to stand firm and wanted to continue negotiations with the AMPTP after their last discussion two weeks ago fell apart. The winter season isn’t that far off, and Hollywood has been brought to a fairly devastating standstill as studios and the AMPTP continue to not play ball.

Hours after SAG-AFTRA’s declaration on Saturday, the union revealed that it and the AMPTP would be meeting again starting this Tuesday, October 24. Notably, the offer was made by executives, which SAG-AFTRA attributed to “the strength and solidarity shown by our members, [which] has sent an unmistakable message to the CEOs. As we have repeatedly said, we are ready, willing and able to engage on a moment’s notice to meet and to work across the table to achieve a deal that is worthy of your sacrifice.”

Despite how studios tried to initially downplay the strikes, they’ve started to become more upfront about their toll on the industry. Last week, Netflix acknowledged the dual strikes “have been challenging”; last night, CEO Ted Sarandos noted the strikes (or rather, studios) “caused families, billions of dollars and communities billions of dollars. […] We need to get a deal done that respects all sides as soon as we possibly can.” Last weekend’s New York Comic-Con couldn’t help but feel like a party too awkward to clear out because actors couldn’t promote their stuff like they’re used to doing at these conventions. While acknowledging that these strikes are necessary and the value of having unions, various actors and writers, and even directors have all expressed their frustration over how things have progressed in recent months.

Everyone clearly wants the strikes to be over, now all that’s left is for studios to listen to SAG-AFTRA and take their offer seriously so they can begin to truly hash things out. As always, SAG-AFTRA reminded its members (and those keeping abreast of the situation) to “not believe anything you hear until it comes from us. We are focused, we will not waver. One day longer. One day stronger. As long as it takes.”

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