Stranger Things Fisher-Price Little People Collector Sets

Image: Fisher-Price

Stranger Things just got a whole lot cuter with Little People Collector versions of iconic moments from the Netflix series.

The three sets will be released in time for National Stranger Things Day on November 6 and continue to expand the Little People Collector line from Fisher-Price. The adorable, toddler-age figures get a pop culture spin for collectors and families to celebrate their fandom in new ways. Fisher-Price’s director of global brand marketing Julia Maher and senior marketing manager Giorgio Cavalli chatted with io9 about the collaborations. “Little People has been around as a brand for 60 years,” Maher shared, speaking about the initiative that’s seen Little People versions of movies and shows like Barbie and Avatar: The Last Airbender. “So it was a really fun way to kind of reinvigorate and to have that iconic form factor, but in a very fun and surprising way to connect with the fandom.”

Cavalli added, “When you think about fandom and collecting, it’s not really just about a character-based approach, it’s an ensemble piece.” The sets are selected based on iconic moments in whichever property Fisher-Price is releasing. “So whether it’s E.T. and having that night scene before Elliott takes E.T. on his bike, or in Star Trek, you’re taking it to the USS Enterprise, the idea is to relive those moments because that’s what passionate collecting is all about. It’s not just one character—you want to relive that moment that you felt when you were seeing your favorite TV show or series.”

With the Little People Collector Stranger Things collection, things get turned upside down (ahem) with three sets. They include the majority of everyone’s favorite characters from the show, and showcase recent moments that have solidified the Netflix show’s place in the pop-culture zeitgeist.

Here’s the official descriptions from Fisher-Price on the sets being released:

  • Castle Byers: True fans know Eleven loves a good waffle and can see the nethering creep and crawl across the packaging bringing Castle Byers and the Upside Down to life. Available on Amazon.
  • Max’s Song: The power of music – Max knows it! Never without her headphones, fans can check out how she got pulled into Vecna’s Mind Lair. Pre-Sale online via Target starting November 2. On-shelf at Target starting December 3.
  • Hellfire Club: Back to school at Hawkins High we go. It’s game time, so grab a die and get rolling. Available on Best Buy.

Check out our gallery for a first look at the Stranger Things Little People Collection.

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