Diablo IV’s first expansion will introduce a brand-new class in late 2024

It’s time, which means Blizzard is revealing some of the many things it has lined up for its stable of games. At the opening ceremony, there was a look at of , including the game’s first expansion.

Vessel of Hatred, which is slated to arrive in 2024, will build on the story of the main game. You’ll find out the fate of the villain Mephisto and learn about his evil plans for Sanctuary. The DLC will feature the return of the Nahantu jungle area from . The expansion will also introduce a brand-new character class. Blizzard is promising “new ways to play” and “new evils to vanquish” too. You can find out more details about Vessel of Hatred next summer.

Before then, Diablo IV‘s third season will feature a new kind of challenge dungeon called The Gauntlet. Here, you’ll fight against other players from around the world for your class ranking.

The first Diablo IV seasonal event is called Midwinter Blight. It starts on December 12 and lasts for three weeks. There’s more to come over the next month or two, including a six-week Season of Blood endgame event called Abattoir of Zir that starts on December 5.

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