November 15, 2023

The one is all about beauty! This time of year is so fun for those who love beauty as there are so many incredible beauty gift boxes – and my favorite – beauty advent calendars! My two favorite beauty advent calendars, which I typically purchase every year, are this Dr. Barbara Sturm one and this Liberty London one. Both are jam packed with so many amazing products, and the items come in more generous sizes than most beauty advent calendars. For any of the goodies in these sets I know I won’t personally use I’ll keep for stocking stuffers or just little ‘just because’ gifts for friends and family. This set also caught my eye this year!

If you want to know a little bit more about my make up routine you can see it here and you can check out my daily sleek low bun routine here! While I do switch it up this post from 2020 still rings quite true when it comes to all my personal favorites, but it is just missing this eyeliner, this scalp scrub (honestly this is a life-changer for me), and this hair wrap! When it comes to keeping all my beauty in one place this case is my current love. Keep scrolling to shop more of my favorite beauty this season…

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