Duolingo’s gamified music lessons are launching this fall

Duolingo is launching its new music course sometime this fall. The educational tech company first announced that it was gearing up to add music lessons to its repertoire back in September, promising “hundreds of bite-sized lessons” that can teach you music with the help of over 200 tunes. Duolingo, of course, has turned music learning into a gamified experience, dividing lessons into levels you have to complete and docking points (or hearts) whenever you enter an incorrect answer.

You’ll start by having to familiarize yourself with the sounds of the C and D notes of C major using a digital piano. Duolingo will have you matching the sounds of each note with their placement on a staff, so you’d know what they sound like and could spot them on a music sheet by the time you’re done. You’ll move on to the next notes in subsequent lessons, but before you can proceed, Duolingo will test you on what you’ve learned so far by having you play familiar ditties like Mary Had a Little Lamb. Don’t worry — you only have to follow the notes scrolling on screen, but it could still be plenty challenging for the musically inept, like yours truly. If the first lessons are a bit too basic for you, though, you can skip ahead to the more advanced stages of the course.

Staff with notes and a three key digital piano underneath.


In addition to creating a brand new music course, Duolingo has also updated its math curriculum to help you gain “advanced real-world math skills,” such as the ability to quickly calculate tips and hourly wage. “While Duolingo is known for language, we’re expanding to math and music because these are subjects that people often find intimidating,” Karen Chow, Senior Learning Scientist for Duolingo Music, told Engadget. “You’ll hear people say ‘Oh I’m tone deaf’ or ‘I’m just not a math person.’ We want to show people that learning these different subjects is possible and it can actually be a lot of fun!”

You can now sign up for the music course waitlist, if you want to start learning as soon as it becomes available. Initially, Duolingo music will only be available in English and Spanish on iOS devices, but the company says it’s “hoping to bring the course to more learners very soon.”

Duolingo music interface.Duolingo music interface.


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